My name is Rachel Yang. Welcome to my first third foray into blogging.
I’ve been involved in stenciling, trompe l’oeil, decorative painting, mixed media, bookmaking, encaustics, beading, and paper making (in approximately that order) since the early ’90s. Jack of all trades, master of a few. I have a heavy relationship with paper in all its forms. It’s deep and it’s real.
My husband and I have day jobs – which we like. But there’s a longing to do more to create and design things that are our own – not by executive mandate. Boredom. Wunderlust. Existential itch. The desire to strike out and do these glorious things in earnest was starting to keep me up at night.
I commandeered the playroom in the basement and created an art studio in my basement which is used by me and my three children (it’s the envy of my daughter’s classmates working to make their poster boards awesome).
And the time came. So I decided to take my time and do it right. I’m starting slow, building up a little business that will hopefully shine a light on that dark corner of my soul that never gets to come out and play.
What does Immer mean? My daughter came up with that while taking German – it means “always”. She started using it on her graphic design and I liked it so much I stole it. With her permission, of course.
No, really…

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